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We love to get letters from students of our seminars and private sessions, telling us about the benefits of True Balance Living.
We invite you to join us and discover the joy of finding yourself through movement and balance.

"Since working with Karen over these last 3 months, her Tai Chi/Qiqong sessions have had a profound impact on our lives, both personally and professionally. The inner peace and relaxation that we have both received has brought a greater integrity and harmony to our business and personal life. Without too much strenuous activity, we have experienced the wonderful gifts of more rapid body rejuvenation, improved physical balance, flexibility and better muscle tone.

Through our regular sessions with Karen, we have both recognized a greater physical mobility and resilience in our lives. Through that nourishing, and life-changing experience, Bobby has observed several wonderful improvements in his physical well-being. His long-standing and habitual pains have miraculously gone, together with much improved mobility in his injured knee. We didnít think these improvements were possible until we began to work with Karen.

We cannot recommend our time with Karen highly enough, especially to busy professional people and entrepreneurs. Karenís expertise in proven ancient oriental healing methods has shown us how to better access our bodiesí natural rejuvenating and self healing ability, and taught us how to generate greater focus and relaxation in our life which has enabled us to manage our days so much more efficiently and effectively. We literally ďdonít sweat the small stuff.Ē Instead, we can accomplish what the present moment requires, and can achieve our goals with a more positive and less stressed attitude of mind."  Robert and Laura Shapiro, Flex Mussels

The class was great fun, and I especially enjoyed your delightfully playful energy. It was exactly what I needed. To my amazement no aches or pains!

I was a bit thrown when the troupe of young ones appeared for the second hour of EnerQi. I feared I wouldn't be able to "keep up" (I've been having trouble with my knee, hip and back) and was concerned I would make a wrong move and aggravate something. Well I quickly "got over being with the young ones", and It seemed that the more we moved the more energized I became.

So my fears and concern flew out the window and I just felt giggly inside. Linda P.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than writing to tell you that you and your class are life-changing. Knowing nothing about tai chi, I was hesitant about taking the class. From the first day you've made me feel welcome and able to overcome my self-consciousness about my beginner status.

It doesn't take long to realize that you are truly kind, compassionate, and endlessly patient. I know it is your goal to empower us to improve our energy and cultivate calmness on our own and so I have tried in little ways to incorporate your teachings into my daily life. It takes a lot of focusing. Some days are better than others - Tai Chi-Qigong Tuesdays are always wonderful.

I come away from class energized and centered and feeling that all is well with the world. Linda N.

I am in a time of change in my life and it has often feels like "nothing is happening". I have been craving "movement" - so your class was most ideal. I also like that you consciously work with "energy".As a channel and intuitive counselor, I work with energetic vibrations in the form of words, so this is a nice compliment to my work. Joy A.

I knew Karenís class would be good for me, and after just one class I felt increased energy, clarity and tranquil. Her knowledge and ability to teach Tai Chi - Qigong, EnerQi and Meditation is obvious with her attention to detail, humor and hands-on corrections, while her enthusiasm is contagious. After that very first class I began raving to my friends. RoseMarie O.

Your class has given me many benefits : exposing me to a different culture and ways of thinking. I am stronger, more flexible and relaxed. The breathing and imagery help calm the spirit. None of these would have been possible without you and your kind, clear, quiet way of teaching us.
Thank you.  Mary M.

I find that Tai Chi is as strenuous as spending an hour at the gym, and my balance is improving. I look forward to continuing in the next course.  
A. Ulitsky
This class gives me increased energy, is extremely relaxing and centering, that carries into my work and life. Thank you for your skilled teaching and gentle patience.  
Vincent Mandarine, DDS
Using Karenís EnerQi - a unique combination of groovy ballroom dance and martial arts movement magic, in just one hour my energy increased tenfold and my mood skyrocketed!
H. Pierre
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