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Karen McDonald - Certified Wudang Instructor and Ordained Taoist
Karen is available for private instruction in your home or office, or in any location convenient for you. Sessions can be arranged as one-on-one sessions, as well as couples and private groups.

All exercises are low impact, and appropriate for all physical abilities and skill levels. Instructional sessions are 90 minutes.

Session rates vary depending on the location, and travel time required to accommodate your scheduling preferences. Call Karen at 315-459-1453 for information or to make an appointment,

Tai Chi - Qigong
- Offered as a 4 Class course
This course provides the basis for understanding the foundation of Tai Chi and Qigong. Beginning with a gentle easy warm up, we progress into a Qigong form where each exercise has specific Qi (energy) circulation and a balancing effect on the organs, and follow with Tai Chi (pronounced 'tie jee') working with internal strength, while being soft and flexible on the outside.
Meditation - 4 Class course
Using mindful and Taoist techniques, a combination of seated, standing and moving meditations are designed to quiet the mind and relax into a complete state of stillness. We include breath observation, eye and energy meditations, gradual muscle relaxation techniques that help in reducing tension and cultivate inner joy and happiness.
Both Tai Chi-Qigong & Meditation Classes
Taking both classes multiplies the benefits reaped from using the use of movement, where we learn how to use and cultivate "Qi" to enhance your immune system, eliminate negativity, and improve sleeping patterns and progress into a deeper state of tranquility by achieving physical relaxation, inner peace, and an enhanced ability to cope with stress.
I find that Tai Chi is as strenuous as spending an hour at the gym, and my balance is improving. I look forward to continuing in the next course.
A Ulitsky
This class gives me increased energy, is extremely relaxing and centering, that carries into my work and life. Thank you for your skilled teaching and gentle patience.  
Vincent Mandarine DDS
Using Karenís EnerQiTM - a unique combination of groovy ballroom dance and martial arts movement magic, in just one hour my energy increased tenfold and my mood skyrocketed.
H Pierre
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